Titanium Hand Spinner that has a Hybrid Ceramic Bearing


1.Attention: These hand spinner is manufactured and sold by Amy & Benton only. The other sellers are sold without authorization and probably charge but not ship out.

2.Features: Unique Design, Hybrid Ceramic Bearing, Aluminum Cap with EVA Cushion, Hand-polishing Titanium Alloy Body with 4 Layers of Electroplating and Jewelry Processing Technology

3.Intention: Amy & Benton Fidget Spinner is designed to keep your hands busy, mind focused and stress relieved.Great for Fidgety hands, ADHD, Anxiety & OCD sufferers

4.Best Gift: Extraordinary outlook:sleek and stylish; 3 colors: gold,silver and grey;

5.Usage: Hand Spinner is pocket sized and can be hold in one hand and flick in the other hand, over 1 minutes Spin Time. Advanced users can hold the rotating spinner with only one finger for a longer time. And you can also roll it on the flat surface as a one wheel toy

Product Description