Recycled Firefighter Slim Wallet


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Product Description

  • FEELS LIKE YOU DON’T HAVE A WALLET: Our super thin Sergeant Front Pocket Wallets for men fit perfectly inside a front pocket for safety, comfort and ease of access. This thin wallet is built to hold only 4-8 cards, depending on width and material tightness, plus cash. This every day or travel wallet prioritizes what you carry; and this slim wallet is the most comfortable wallet you will EVER carry.
  • RECYCLED FIREFIGHTER MATERIAL: Our products are 100% American made by Recycled Firefighter. The construction is military grade 1000D nylon fabric, eco-friendly and brings light to an important service industry that often gets overlooked. Firefighters risk their lives every day, show your support and respect with our Recycled Firefighter minimalist wallet.
  • LASTS A LIFETIME: You will never have to replace your firefighter wallet again, barring you don’t drop it into a woodchipper or the ocean. This made in the USA, men’s slim wallet is sewn with military spec T-90 nylon thread (15lbs breaking strength) and edged with 1” Mil-Spec Nylon Binding, while still remaining supple and comfortable to carry. This sturdy canvas wallet even has elastic band on the back making access to receipts super easy.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: These men’s wallets are one of a kind. Each small wallet is made from real rugged military grade fabric. Our slim wallets also come in multiple colors! Our products are made with military spec fabrics and built with the utmost durability and slimness in mind. It’s a home & travel wallet where form and function combine seamlessly. Each military spec wallet is crafted by hand in the USA!
  • THE EASIEST GIFT EVER: This slim wallet for men, is also a great wallet for boys to start learning how to be responsible and for women who have too much to juggle and want a simple easy solution to slimming down their belongings. A minimalist wallet is a necessary accessory. Our front pocket, small wallet works as a business card dispenser and is super easy to wrap up for any holiday. Send it as a Christmas gift, birthday gift, anniversary, wedding present and everything in between.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Recycled Firefighter Slim Wallet

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Recycled Firefighter Slim Wallet