Lunchbox with Modular Food Storage Containers


Your Lunch Your Way

Flexible to suit your changing daily needs, the premium Prepd Containers can be arranged in multiple configurations within the Prepd Pack perfectly.

Control your portions by using several smaller containers, or enjoy a larger main with a couple of snacks for later.

A Recipe For Success.. Every Day

Bored of the same old packed lunch? Get inspired with the Prepd App which is filled with fresh and exciting lunch ideas from professional chefs and nutritionists tailored to fit a broad range of diets, appetites, and health goals.

The app integrates with the Prepd Pack by offering tailored recipes that fit your Prepd Containers perfectly.

Always Be Prepd

Have your lunch ready to go when you are — with multiple sets of containers you can prep ahead for as many meals as you want. Save time for other things, like enjoying your morning coffee.

Product Description