Leatherman Keychain Size Multi-Tool

  • FEATURING 10 TOOLS: 420HC Knife, Spring-action Scissors, Flat/Phillips Screwdriver, Ruler (4.7 in | 12.0 cm), Nail Cleaner, Tweezers, Bottle Opener, Nail File, Medium Screwdriver, Extra-small Screwdriver.
  • SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY: The Micra measures only 2.5 inches when closed and weighs a mere 1.8 ounces making it ideal for a tackle box, pocket, purse, fanny pack, or sewing kit. The handy split ring loop makes it easy to attach to a key ring, allowing you to keep the Micra handy at all times.
  • SPRING-ACTION SCISSORS: The Micra is equipped with spring-action scissors for cutting paper or other light materials that automatically spring back to the open position when not being used. Sprung tools are helpful for reducing hand-fatigue, especially in scissors where the user may be opening and closing the tool many times to make multiple cuts in a row.
  • PERSONAL CARE FEATURES: The Micra’s personal care tools include precisely designed tweezers, a handy curved tool fits under the nail tip for cleaning and a stainless steel nail file that is ideal for nail care when a conventional nail file is unavailable.

Product Description