KeySmart AllTul Multitools


keysmart alltul pocket multitool best multi tools for everyday carry rugged metal credit card shape

  • Sturdy & Lightweight
  • Up to 6 tools in 1
  • Fits perfectly in your wallet
  • Easily attach to keyring
  • Laser-engraved tool labels (on some)
  • Slim as a credit card
  • Scratch-resistant


Product Description

It’s like a toolbox on your keychain!

AllTul is perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, camping, photography, boating, construction or anyone who considers themselves an adventurer, repairman, mechanic or handyman.

In fact, AllTul is also perfect for people who don’t consider themselves handy at all. Go from “you don’t know jack” about fixing things to a “jack of all trades” with these awesome little gadgets.

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