Ice Genie – Silicone Ice Cube Maker


Super Easy To Use Ice Cube Maker super easy to use, simply fill and chill! Fill the outer chamber with water then lift up the inner cylinder after water freezes and squeeze out the cubes into the bucket and they’re ready to use! Then, just refill and freeze again for another batch of ice cubes. 

Special Construction — Ice Genie Perfect Design for Saving Space and Chilling Bottled Beverages Quickly.

Its double chamber design is what makes it special, outer chambers freeze the ice cubes. Inner cylinder stores them, SAVE A LOT OF SPACE in your freezer. Keeps your cubes fresh and odor free with air tight lid, Holds up to 120 ice cubes with unique double chamber design, CHILLS BOTTLED BEVERAGES QUICKLY, Dishwasher safe! Amazing!!

Portable & Healthy & Durable & Valuable The Silicone Ice Cube Maker are made from flexible food-grade silicone, FDA approved, BPA free, no PFOA or other dangerous chemicals! Certified as safe by the FDA ! makes your drink healthier when chilling Burbon Whiskey/Cocktail/Beverages/drink with our professional grade!

Multi-Purpose Portable Ice Cube Maker  Great for summer holiday, Suitable for many occasions and drinks: Use for indoor refrigerator, vehicle refrigerator and outdoor mini refrigerator; suitable for indoor: families, houses, bars, cafes, hotels, parties and so on; Suitable for outdoor: parties, weddings, dinner parties, picnics, and more! Provides longer cooling for whiskey, cocktails, drinks, etc. Fast refrigerated bottled beverages.



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