Envavo Heatbuff Infrared Desk Heater


The Envavo Heatbuff Features
★ Safe to use in front of a keyboard and mouse.
★ Reduces the risk of mouse injuries
★ Customizable angles – the product fits perfectly for anyone, no matter how you sit at your computer.
★ Increased comfort during working.
★ Free Worldwide Shipping

Customizable Angles 
Envavo Heatbuff has customizable angle, which makes it possible to keep both hands warm at the same time, no matter how you sit at your desktop computer.

For our Community. By our Community
During the entire development process, we have been in close contact with our community and constantly receiving feedback to ensure our product will be the best possible version when we ship it to you.

Designed & Manufactured in Denmark 
The product is designed and manufactured in Denmark, using high-quality components, to ensure a long lifetime. We have specifically chosen infrared waves in the mid-range spectrum, because of its ability to increase the natural blood flow. We believe this is the best way to keep your hands warm, for both gamers, office workers, and people with Raynaud’s or Arthritis.

You Decide the LED Color!
Envavo Heatbuff comes with a green / red / blue / natural light LED strip, for a slick look. Tested on Gamers, Office Workers and People With Arthritis The Envavo Heatbuff is tested on gamers, office workers and people with arthritis. They all see a great increase in blood flow, warmth, and comfort during computer usage.




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Product Description


  • Warm hands, Always: Air conditioned offices ar e nice, but often lead to cold hands. So far, you have had to choose between fresh air, and warm hands, but now you can have both. The Envavo Heatbuff uses natural infrared waves, which improves blood flow in your hands to keep them warm.
  • Safe to use: Warms your hands, not your keyboard or mouse.
  • Comfortable to use: Completely eliminates discomfort when working.
  • Fewer mouse injuries: When you don’t have to think about your hands being cold, you can focus 100% on your work. Additionally, warm hands are less prone to suffering injuries.
  • Silent: The Envavo Heatbuff is completely silent during use, as the use of infrared outperforms hot air by a far.